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Raising awareness is one of our primary goals as you may have found when talking to people that don't have diabetes or know about the extent of wasted insulin in first world countries.

Maybe you are visiting this website as you have newly found out about it or recently heard about Insulin for life. Due to the diabetes epidemic around the world and the amount of waste that occurs, it's important to raise awareness around Insulin for Life's mission; because raising awareness saves lives.

We need volunteers to represent Insulin for Life Global in their local area/country, this can be done in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Understand and explain the inequities of Insulin access and affordability around the world along with the waste of insulin in first world countries. Explain the work of Insulin for Life Global and how we help stop waste and save lives.
  • Provide useful links and extra information to people so they can follow up with their own research and pass on what they have learnt.
  • You could share our Facebook page and encourage people to follow us on Instagram and Twitter
  • Encourage people to support us
Volunteers play a vital role in raising awareness and understanding of our work to both medical professionals and among the general public in their local area.
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